NNBR on the Broads

Forty Seven North Norfolk Beach Runners were among 630 entrants in the 2nd race of the 3-race Wroxham 5k series organised by Norwich Road Runners on Wednesday evenings, counterintuitively in Hoveton but that’s close enough.

First Beach Runner home was Neil Adams (so what’s new?) (M40-44)  in a time of 16.26 for 11th place overall and 3rd in category, followed closely in the NNBR order of things by Chris Merrylees (M40-44) in 16.52 for 17thoverall and 4th in category. Two other relatively senior NNBR citizens – Tony Whitmond (M50-54) in 17.48 for 39th overall but FIRST  in category, and Euan Prasser, in 18.34 for 85th overall and 11th in category – completed the foursome which carried off the Masters Gold. Somewhere in among them was Chris Parker (M17-39), 17.32 for 29th overall and 17th in category, who’s not yet a master but he isn’t getting any younger.

First lady Beach Runner was Charlotte Neale (again so what’s new?) (F18-39)  in 18.06 for 59th overall  and 5th in category.

Two NNBR SuperSeventies were there,  Mike Marshall clocking 29.17 for 549th, and Liz Letzer, in 33.12 for 599th, but since this was yet another event still not categorizing beyond “65 and over”, category positions are irrelevant because they wouldn’t be comparing like with like.



Author: John Worrall

The Mike Groves 10k

The Mike Groves 10k, the second race in The 2018 Coltishall Jaguars 10K
series, took place around RAF Coltishall on Sunday 10th June when a flat
runway course attracted 10 North Norfolk Beach Runner potential pb
baggers, first home among whom, in the absence of Neil Adams, Chris
Merrylees and one or two others, was Darren Armstrong (M40-44) in 39.12
for 26th out of 488 finishers and 9th in category.
More particularly, 88th overall was Gary Linder (M60-64) in 43.12 for
1st in category. And not far behind him was Sam Weller (M65-69) in 44.41
for 113th overall but 3rd in category, which augers well for his
imminent qualification for the Super Seventies squad. First lady home,
paradoxically, was Vicky Last (F 18-34) in 51.29 for 221st overall and
14thin category.
Meanwhile, going back a week and three years after she started running,
Beach Runner Beck Maun (FV40), tackled the 28.5 mile Calderdale Way
Ultra (short), a Pennine course substantially off-road in West
Yorkshire. Finishing fast in 6.40.35 to grab 26th place out of 46
finishers, she would have done better, had not her navigation led her
adrift a couple of times, eventually to cover 31 miles. But fair enough,
this wasn’t Roman Camp and practice makes perfect.




Author: John Worrall

Chase the Train 20/05/18 Results

4 Felicity Quinn 00:56:28.161
8 John Fagan 01:00:40.931
11 Nick Slade 01:01:12.138
12 Edward Rawlings 01:01:38.950
13 Dean Howard 01:01:49.757
21 Daryl London 01:04:19.462
25 Tom Rivett 01:06:07.844
26 Clive Hedges 01:06:29.311
27 Gary Linder 01:06:48.736
29 Derek Sadler 01:07:23.751
33 Chris Tindall 01:09:39.207
42 Karl Harper 01:11:28.275
47 Stephen Roe 01:14:43.801
58 Rebecca Garratt 01:16:55.965
62 Garry Hobart 01:17:59.528
68 Sal Ryder 01:18:45.824
75 Lisa Stickells 01:19:39.904
76 Hilary Peachment 01:19:42.314
77 Nicola Rands 01:19:58.716
78 Vicky Last 01:19:58.716
87 Rick Boyfield 01:21:15.210
88 Shay Boyfield 01:21:18.410
90 Kirk Price 01:22:16.222
91 Matt Harmer 01:22:16.222
94 Sophie Saunders 01:22:50.247
96 Kat Sanders 01:23:30.484
127 Natasha Sumner 01:30:09.455
142 Lesley Winston 01:32:09.890
158 Andrew Toogood 01:33:59.217
161 Nancy Crow 01:34:49.880
169 Vicky Hampson 01:35:43.157
172 Linda Bygrave 01:37:48.844
173 Kerry Smith 01:38:35.360
174 Emma Culley 01:38:46.236
175 Hayley Griggs 01:39:39.259
176 Emma Allright 01:40:53.915
186 Rhianwen Smee 01:48:14.132
188 Claire Scott 01:48:16.540


Nineteen North Norfolk Beach Runners were among the 484 who ran the Dereham 10 mile at the weekend, first home among them, as usual, being Neil Adam (M40-44) in 59.00 for 7th place overall but 2nd  in category. He was followed, in 8th overall, by Chris Parker (MO) in 59.56 which was good enough for 1st in that younger category, the finishing order nevertheless demonstrating again the health benefits of sea air for the ageing male.

First lady Beach Runner was Chrissie Spooner (F45-49) in 1.17.03 for 180th overall and 6th in category.

Other Beach Runners ranged far and wide, with Colin Stark doing the Ultra Trail Snowdonia, a 53-mile jolly involving a 5.00 am start on the Saturday and 20,000 ft of climbing with two visits to the top of Snowdon. Running for 17 hours, he came 34th out of 206.

More particularly, in a private park in Hampshire, Maria Greaves did the Triple Enduroman  Triathlon – a 7.2mile swim, 336 mile bike ride and a 78 mile run, finishing in 59 hours and first in category because she was the only UK female to finish at all. Now that’s what you call a park run.



Author: John Worrall


A sunny Sunday brought out 22 of the flowers that are North Norfolk Beach Runners in a field of 2495 at the Asda Foundation’s GEAR 10k at King’s Lynn in aid of the Jane Tomlinson Appeal http://www.janetomlinsonappeal.com/ .

With some NNBR regulars indisposed by the previous day’s celebrations of recent marathon endeavours, the NNBR field had a middle order look about it although Toby Morrell (M) headed the others by nearly two minutes with a time of 36.23 for 19th place overall. He was followed by Lynton Battrick (M40) in 38.10 for 29th overall and 9th in category.

First lady Beach Runner – though, according to the official results, competing in the male category, which she almost certainly wasn’t – was Zoe Parish (“M”) in 52.49 for 726th overall and 308th in category, though which category is clearly open to conjecture.  She was part of a flurry of finishers that included Liz Harris, (F40) in 52.50 for 730th overall and 28th in category.

SuperSeventies – soon-to-be and actual – again made their presence felt, Sam Weller (M60) running 48.21 for 389th overall and 17th in category, while Mike Marshall (M70+ but rising 77) clocked 1.06.58 for 1792nd overall but 13th in category.


Seventeen North Norfolk Beach Runners, along with 427 others, were on the runway at the former RAF Coltishall for Coltishall Jaguars’ Mad March Hare 10k which this year, for added madness, was run in late April.

In a cold and blustery force six and rising, NNBR quickly adopted a strategy of all appendages akimbo on the downwind leg and tucked in on the upward (such variable geometry nevertheless being  more Tornado than Jaguar) which resulted in some quick times for the conditions.

First Beach Runner home, merely because he was running, was Neil Adams (M40-44) in 36.40 for 3rd place overall and 2nd in category, followed by Adam Smart (M15-39) moving well, as ever, in 38.07 for 6th and 3rd. First lady Beach Runner was Helen Hagon (F 55-59) in 53.01 for 207th  but a very creditable 2nd in category.

The club senior citizens again performed well, SuperSeventy Sam Weller (M68+)  clocking 45.48 for 95th overall but 1st in category, to be only just headed by club chairman, Clive Hedges (M 55-59 and rising) wearing his office lightly to record 45.22 for 90th overall and 3rd in category.

All eyes now turn to the Dereham 10 mile in a fortnight.


In the hottest and most brutal London marathon on record, when even finishing amounted to heroism for the 40,000 plus who managed it, the dozen Beach Runners were led home by Charlotte Neale (F18-30) in a time of  3.03.41, for 1368th overall but an outstanding 40th out of 8962 in category. She was followed by Vinnie Purdy (M40-44), (who last year in cooler conditions ran two seconds over three hours), in 3.22.13 for 3220th place overall and 640th out of 4044 in category.

Following them came Fried Fish Sadler (M 50-54) in 3.29.34 for 346th out of 2491 in category; Lisa Oakley (F40-44) in 3.43.44 for 224/2892; Robert Wells (M18-39), 3.46.29 and 2651/11279; Nick Slade, 3.48.43, for 2772/11279, and Euan Prasser (M45-49), 4.01.28 and 1254/3552. Then came SuperSeventy apprentice Derek Sadler (M60-64) in 4.32.41 for 264/659;  Hazel Wray (F40-49) in 4.22.58  and 549/2163; Heather Morton, 5.21.58 for 810/1388; Lesley Winston, 5.24.03 and 328/629,   and Sara Holroyd, 7.05,51 for 1328/1388. All are still in the club rehydration facility.

Charlotte Neale looking cool.

Vinnie Purdy feeling the heat.

Photocredit: Clive Hedges

Winter Cross-Country to Spring-to-Autumn Road Racing

With the lighter evenings and allegedly warmer days, North Norfolk Beach Runners have been making the transition from winter cross-country to spring-to-autumn road racing with effortless aplomb.

Over the winter, those regularly getting muddy in the 10-race East Anglia Cross Country League included a ladies squad among whom Karen Balcombe finished 7th overall in the series and Louise Pegg eighth. With races taking place on Wednesday afternoons and many runners unable to run them all, the Ladies team prizes eluded the Beach Runners, but those who ran some or nearly all of them included Gemma Woolrych, Rachel Robson, Sue Ilsley Sarah Mapes Shay Boyfield and Ali Lowe.

1. Louise Pegg, left, and Karen Balcombe. 

2. Left to right: Rachel Robson, Sarah Mapes, Karen Balcombe, Louise Pegg and Gemma Woolrych


Meanwhile, the marathon season is now under way and at Manchester on April 8th, among more than 9000 finishers, it was again NNBR ladies to the fore, with Emily Haughan (V35) clocking 3.45.12 for 3050th place overall but 73rd in category, and Rebecca Maun (V45) clocking 3.47.56 for 3274th overall but 45th in category.  

Brighton (15th April) and London (22nd April) marathons now follow and NNBR will be well represented at both.