Bure Valley 10 – 01.10.2017

2 Neil Adams 0:59:23
73 Edward Rawlings 1:15:54
127 Garry Hobart 1:23:21
130 Zoe Parish 1:23:36
142 Stephen Roe 1:25:31
143 Katherine Wright 1:25:31
166 Liz Harris 1:28:59
187 Lesley Winston 1:31:12
196 Natasha Sumner 1:32:46
238 Amy Worley 1:40:29
249 Kerry Smith 1:43:09
250 Vicky Hampson 1:43:28
253 Shelley Burton 1:44:48
269 Libby Ashton 1:48:34
278 Sarah Morter 1:52:01



North Norfolk Beach Runners have been out and about during September.
On the 9th, Sarah Morter was at the Great North Run and pushed Mo Farah hard before finally having to settle 26,849th place with a time of 2.25.02.
On the 24th September, nine Beach Runners were among 307 finishers of the Jolly Jaguars 10k at Coltishall. First Beach Runner home was Lynton Battrick (m 40-44) in 39.14 for 8th place while the middle order featured a threesome of Stephen Roe(M 50-54) and Adrian Dyde (M 55-59) pacing Becky Garret (F 15-39)to a pb of 49.43.
On the 16th September, meanwhile, Jen Armstrong was among the 300 starters of the Chiltern Wonderland 50 mile, finishing in 11.39.44 for 22nd out of 39 female finishers , and 13th in the F 40-49 group.
But, as has been reported elsewhere, Beach Runner Andy Kett suffered a stroke in the closing stages of this race. Andy, a sports massage therapist who recently became self-employed and has coached club members and treated many for injuries and other afflictions, is no stranger to ultra races. He came sixth in the Autumn 100 (mile) in the Thames Valley last year and won the Black Dog Marathon in the Waveney Valley in April this year. He remains in hospital. The club immediately set up a Go Fund Me page with the aim of raising £3000 to assist Andy and his young family and at the time of going to press, the fund had topped £16,000. To find out more, go to https://www.gofundme.com/6ge56-andys-fund

Round Norfolk Relay

North Norfolk Beach Runners had two teams in the 31st running of the Round Norfolk Relay at the weekend. The course follows the county boundary over a distance of 198 miles, divided into 17 unequal stages starting and finishing at Lynnsport in Kings Lynn. A staggered start sees the teams leaving Lynn on Saturday morning, the first away at 5.30am, and all of them finishing on Sunday morning before the 29hrs 30min cut-off. For all teams, organisation of support vehicles and accompanying cyclists through day and night is as crucial as running prowess.
This year, 61 teams competed, City of Norwich Athletic Club claiming first place in a time of 20hrs, 23min 40 secs reflecting 6.11 per mile, but NNBR’s A team came fifth – second in the Club category and first in the Association of Running Clubs category – with a time of 22.05.34 at 6.42. Team member Tony Whitmond claimed the Darryl Davis Memorial Trophy for the best age graded performance by a male master, on Stage 4, with a grading of 75.3%.
NNBR’s B Team meanwhile clocked 27.53.36 at 8.27 to grab 48th place overall and 5th in the mixed class.
NNBR also organised two of the changeover points – at Cromer and Mundesley – and at the latter, runners, supporters and back-up teams again enjoyed refreshments provided by the Coronation Hall committee, a long-standing highlight of the race which is gaining legendary status.


Five North Norfolk Beach Runners were among 220 finishers of the Wissey Half Marathon organised on Sunday 3rd September by Ryston Runners on a flatish and roughly circular course starting and finishing at Oxborough just off the Fens in west Norfolk.

First Beach Runner home was Chris Parker (MO) in fifth place overall in 1.25.26, followed by Lynton Battrick (M40-44) in 14th with a time of 1.29.13. Lisa Ward (F40-44), the only lady Beach Runner, finished in 2.39.55 for 212th place.

The other two Beach Runners, both NNBR SuperSeventies squad members, were necessarily competing in the 60+ age category group because the age classifications went no higher. Jim Hayes (71) was nevertheless first home among 14 runners in the category with a time of 1.46.26, while Mike Marshall (76) finished in 2.26.11.

Meanwhile, on a slightly hillier course, Ben Jones completed the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, a 167km race over two days through alpine goat country with spectacular, and often precipitate, rises and falls. Starting at an altitude of 1000m and not dipping much below that, it involved climbs totalling 10,000m tackled through day and night. His time of 45.28.36 gained him 1638th place out of 2537 starters. 851 runners did not finish.

Worstead 5 Mile Handicap – 24.08.2017

Position 1st Name Surname Handicap Actual Difference
1 Ross Haddow 00:54:10 00:49:28 4.42
2 Robbie Birtwell 00:39:42 00:35:07 4.35
3 Shay Boyfield 00:50:55 00:47:21 3.34
4 Robert Wells 00:36:19 00:34:15 2.24
5 Sarah Morter 00:53:34 00:52:05 1.29
6 Garry Hobart 00:42:18 00:40:54 1.24
7 Jamie Stares 00:30:00 00:29:04 0.56
8 Matt Harmer 00:39:49 00:39:01 0.48
9 Shelly Burton 00:50:21 00:49:37 0.44
10 Sam Weller 00:36:59 00:36:16 0.43
11 Garry Linder 00:36:22 00:35:39 0.43
12 Graham Robson 00:41:31 00:40:51 0.4
13 Ian Windley 00:41:26 00:40:56 0.3
14 Carl Neale 00:38:33 00:38:08 0.25
15 Jacob Stares 00:30:00 00:29:36 0.24
16 John Stares 00:37:39 00:37:18 0.21
17 Nick Slade 00:33:54 00:33:40 0.14
18 Tony Witmond 00:30:13 00:30:00 0.13
19 David Dawber 00:41:07 00:40:56 0.11
20 Jim Hayes 00:38:16 00:38:13 0.03
21 Becky Maun 00:37:47 00:38:03 -0.16
22 John Gay 00:33:01 00:33:20 -0.19
23 Charlie Ennals 00:38:01 00:38:28 -0.27
24 Rachel Robson 00:41:03 00:41:40 -0.37
25 Kerry Smith 00:48:04 00:49:36 -1.32
26 Keith Dickens 00:48:14 00:49:52 -1.38
27 Sue Ilsley 00:42:49 00:44:39 -1.5
28 Rick Boyfield 00:46:44 00:48:36 -1.52
29 Clive Hedges 00:37:37 00:39:33 -1.56
30 Catherine Young 00:46:56 00:49:19 -2.23
31 Tony Gentry 00:42:10 00:44:50 -2.4
32 Molly Underwood 00:46:52 00:51:11 -4.19

NNBR at Reepham

Twenty seven North Norfolk Beach Runners were among 366 who finished the Reepham 10k, organised by Reepham Runners on Sunday 27th August.
In warm conditions, first Beach Runner home was Adrian Dyde in a time of 45.00 for in 55th position and 9th in the M50-59 category while the first lady Beach Runner was Rebecca Maun in 48.14 for 95th position overall but 4th in F 40-49.
As usual, the NNBR higher age groups showed maturity, poise and not a little pace, with Gary Linder and Sam Weller grabbing 1st and 2nd place respectively in the M 60-69, their times of 45.44 and 46.08 getting 63rd and 67th places overall. And Super Seventies squad representatives were also well in the mix with Jim Hayes 3rd in the M 70+ category and 196th overall in a time of 54.02 and Mike Marshall finishing fast in 01.01.59 for 5th 283rd overall. In the F70+, marathon specialist Brenda Kinch grabbed 2nd in F70+ category and 287th overall with a time of 1.02.28.