Bacton Woods Cross Country – 28.12.2017

1 Ben Swanson 0:35:11
2 Jamie Stares 0:35:12
3 Darren Neale 0:35:56
4 Steve (Guest) 0:36:47
5 Rob Wells 0:40:05
6 Darren Armstrong 0:40:06
7 Dean Howard 0:40:17
8 Eddie Carman 0:40:39
9 John Stares 0:40:53
10 James (Guest) 0:41:30
11 Grace (Guest) 0:41:59
12 Gary Linder 0:42:11
13 Steve Barnes 0:44:22
14 Jim Hayes 0:44:23
15 Gemma Barnes 0:45:03
16 Garry Hobart 0:46:46
17 Jen Armstrong 0:47:03
18 Jeremy Boreham 0:48:10
19 Graham Robson 0:49:09
20 Christelle (Guest) 0:50:30
21 Karen Balcombe 0:52:48
22 Lisa Ward 0:54:00
23 Annette Boreham 0:55:54
24 Natasha Sumner 0:56:38
25 Shelley Burton 0:57:28
26 Emma Allright 0:57:35
27 Sarah Melton 0:57:39
28 Fiona Morrison 1:04:04
29 Kirsty Hobart 1:04:05



Fifteen North Norfolk Beach Runners were among 775 who ran the Snetterton Half Marathon on the Snetterton race circuit at the weekend.
In dry conditions, all started on supersoft compound trainers and stuck with them throughout, the first Beach Runner home being Nicholas Dash in 1.40.39 for 82nd place in the M-Senior and 174th overall. First lady Beach Runner was Anita Bullen in 1.49.28 for 18th in the F 40 to 49 and 309th place overall.

Meanwhile, with a similarly nominal motor racing connotation, the Leathes Prior grand prix series – 10 races through the season of which runners have to run at least seven to qualify – culminated in the awards evening on Friday night.

Pictured are Beach Runner winners,
Back row, l-r: Phil Hurr, 1st 60-64; Jim Hayes Gold medal, postal marathon 65+, Chris Parker, 2nd Senior; Neil Adams, 2nd M40-45;
Front row, left – Brenda Kinch, silver medal, postal marathon F 65+; right – Charlotte Neale, 1st F Senior and overall postal marathon County Champion; centre – Sal Ryder, special memento prize for completing all ten grand prix races, one of only three runners to do so.
The receptacles they are clutching are trophies and devoid of alcohol.

Snetterton Half Marathon – 19.11.2017

174 Nicholas Dash 1:40:39
309 Anita Bullen 1:49:28
398 Sarah Mapes 1:56:13
400 Katherine Wright 1:56:17
503 Sal Ryder 2:06:03
647 Shelley Burton 2:20:24
667 Nancy Crow 2:22:23
684 Kerry Smith 2:25:36
711 Libby Ashton 2:29:44
718 Gary Tartt 2:30:47
743 Claire Scott 2:40:52
765 Gemma Barnes 2:55:06
771 Sandra Wilkinson 3:07:10
772 Michelle Gibbons 3:12:19
773 Stacey Coleman 3:12:19


North Norfolk Beach Runners

Two North Norfolk Beach Runners went long at the weekend, competing in the King’s Forest 50k ultra, organised by Positive Steps over a four-lap off-road course near Bury St Edmunds. Out of 125 finishers in this uncategorised race, Ivan Allen was first Beach Runner home in 83rd place with a time of 5.46.51, while Tony Money took 94th place in 6.00.23.

Meanwhile, two Beach Runners had gone even longer in running the Autumn 100, a 100 mile ultra in the Thames Valley. Out of 242 starters and 178 finishers, Maria Greaves was 89th overall and 13th female in 23.46.30, while Vinnie Purdy claimed a fairly astonishing 22nd place with a time of 19.41.36, but then, as he said, he’d trained for it, running 50-100 miles a week for 18 weeks. You get out what you put in.

Bacton Woods XC – 05.11.2017

1 Darren Neale 0:36:38
2 Finlay Swanson 0:37:20
3 Fish Sadler 0:39:28
4 Adrian Woods 0:40:46
5 Darren Armstrong 0:40:48
6 John Stares 0:42:32
7 Eddie Carman 0:42:35
8 Kate Head 0:43:23
9 Ed Rawlings 0:44:12
10 Ian Wade 0:44:43
11 Steve Brown 0:45:14
12 Gemma Woolrych 0:46:52
13 Ian Windley 0:47:45
14 Jen Armstrong 0:48:31
15 Ian Smith 0:49:06
16 Garry Hobart 0:50:00
17 Keith Phillips 0:50:02
18 Graham Robson 0:50:05
19 Nicky Phillips 0:50:10
20 Nicky Rands 0:50:15
21 Lisa Ward 0:50:20
22 Sue Ilsley 0:52:26
23 Shay Phillips 0:54:25
24 Andy Toogood 0:57:17
25 Molly Underwood 0:59:22
26 Emma Culley 0:59:28
27 Nancy Crow 0:59:37
28 Sarah Porter 1:00:51


Holt 10km – 29.10.2017

3 Neil Adams 00:35:28
27 Chris Parker 00:39:57
33 Charlotte Neale 00:40:36
37 John Gay 00:40:57
48 Phil Hurr 00:42:07
57 Stephen Haughton 00:42:55
90 Gary Linder 00:44:48
92 Sam Weller 00:44:57
207 Graham Robson 00:53:57
229 Rachel Robson 00:55:42
243 Noel Spruce 00:56:25
258 Jayne Welfare – Smith 00:57:34
271 Sal Ryder 00:58:29
293 Kerry Smith 01:00:38
301 Sally Dyde 01:01:22
302 Lesley Winston 01:01:22
312 Brenda Kinch 01:02:35
324 Belinda Taylor 01:04:51
336 Lucy Sadler 01:06:59



This year’s Bakers and Larners Holt 10k organised by North Norfolk Beach Runners on Sunday 29th October attracted a full complement of 450 entries. The race, run in blustery and occasionally showery conditions, was won by Scott Walford (M45-49) of Bure Valley Harriers in a time of 34.34, with Christopher Hollinshead (M50-54) of Cannock and Stafford second in 35.25. Third was Beach Runner Neil Adams (M40-44) in 35.29. Charlotte Neale (FO) was the first female lady Beach Runner home and second female overall in 40.36.
Although about 100 NNBR members were involved in organising the race, 22 members ran in this, the last of the year’s Leathes Prior Grand Prix series. John Gay was second in the M55-59 with a time of 41.00, while Phil Hurr and Gary Linder were first and second in the M60-64 with times of 42.10 and 44.54 respectively. Sam Weller (M65-68 but soon to be a Super Seventy) was second in category in 45.03.
And talking about NNBR Super Seventies, club president Noel Spruce was 4th in the M70+ in 56.25 while septuagenarian Brenda Kinch was first home in the F65+ category in 1.02.35.
Meanwhile, on the previous weekend, two Beach Runners ran the Autumn 100, a 100 mile ultra in the Thames Valley. Out of 242 starters and 178 finishers, Vinnie Purdy finished in 22nd place with a time of 19.41.36 while Maria Greaves was 89th and 13th female in 23.46.30.


A magnificent seven North Norfolk Beach Runner veterans were among the 701 who ran the East Coast 10k at Yarmouth on Sunday, including three of the Super Seventies squad who, trained on sea air, all acquitted themselves well. Club president Noel Spruce (72) clocked 56.21 for 11th place in the M65 category and 376th overall; Mike Marshall (76) 1.02.01 for 18th in category and 500th overall; and Brenda Kinch (72) 1.06.32 for 14th in the F60 and 544th overall.

Well in front of them but younger were Neil Adams, (M vet 40) in 35.58 for 2nd in category and a stonking 4th overall; Sal Ryder (F50), in 54.18 for 9th in category and 326th overall; Phil Hurr, (M60), in 43.17 for 1st in category and 76th overall, and soon-to-be-Super Seventy Sam Weller,(M65) in 46.37 for 3rd in category and 143rd.

Further inland, in fact a lot further inland, was the Hungarian Girl Lash – the 11 lady Beach Runners who went to Budapest variously for the 10k,30k and full marathon races of the Budapest Marathon weekend. First lady Beach Runner among more than 4000 in the 10k was Annette Boreham in 1.01.18 for 1999th place and 1000th female , while the two Beach Runners among 1164 in the 30k were Fiona Morrison (64) in 3.35.41 for 387th female and 870th overall, and Shelley Burton in 3.46.29 for 432nd female and 1047th. In the marathon, Emily Haughan ran 3.51.29 for 197th female and 1474th out of 5413, and Sarah Mapes, 4.26.56 for 690th and 3380th.

NNBR at Peterborough

Thirty nine North Norfolk Beach Runners were among 4181 who completed the Perkins Great Eastern Run half marathon around the streets of Peterborough on a gloriously sunny Sunday, 8th October.
First home among them was Lisa Oakley in 1.34.05 for 427th place, followed by Euan Prasser in 1.34.14 for 431st. Other notable performers included Super Seventies squad member Mike Marshall in 2.19.11 for 3154th and 60-something Ross Haddow, fresh in from cycling Land’s End to John o Groats, who finished in 2.25.59 and just failed a photo for 3441st.
Meanwhile, eight Beach Runners who weren’t on the coach to Peterborough were among 341 who ran the Marriott’s Way 10k between Aylsham and Reepham. First Beach Runner home was Sam Weller, M60+ (and soon to be Super Seventies squad member) in 47.03.9 for 56th overall and 1st out of 17 in the M60+ category, while first female Beach Runners was Rachel Robson in 54.27.8 for 137th overall and 2nd out of 12 in the F50-54. Super Seventies squad member, Robin Rush, finished in 1.01.37 for 229th overall and 10th in the M60+ category.