……..to be jolly and North Norfolk Beach Runners have been finding jolly things to do, starting with the three who battled a howling icy wind to take on the Festive Forest Challenge organised by Positive Steps at West Stow Country Park in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care in Bury St Edmunds.

Three options were available – 10k, half marathon and 20 miles – and two Beach Runners were among 132 who went for the sprint, Sal Ryder (F50-54) covering the 10k in a very creditable 53.40 for an even more creditable 13th overall and 1st in category. Libby Ashton (F35-39) was mid-table at 64th and 5thwith a time of 1.07.27. The 10k winner was Simon Wright (M35-39) of Norwich Road Runners in 39.43.

Jim Hayes (M70+(4)), never one to do things by halves, opted for the 20-miler and claimed a very impressive 15th out of 37 overall and, naturally enough, 1st in category, with a time of 3.14.11. Race winner, paradoxically, was Jim Last of Framlingham Flyers in 2.12.50.

Meanwhile, on a jollier, not to say sillier, note, a dozen Beach Runners were among 215 who tackled the even more challenging – because it was in seasonal dress – 5k Buxton Santa Run sponsored by Sportlink in aid of Autism Anglia and organised by Norfolk Gazelles in and around the eponymous village.

First Beach Runner home, but only because his Santa hat fell off, was SuperSeventy Sam Weller (M65+(5)) in 23.32 and 1st in category, followed by Garry Hobart (M55-59) and his dog (M-4 legs) for joint 25th (with dog) and 4th (and 1st) in categories. Category podium finishes were also achieved by Natalie Drake (FO) in 24.16 for 29th and 1st; Helen Hagon (F55-59) in 25.28 for 33rd and 1st; Fiona Morrison (65+) in 33.11 for 105th and 2nd , Carl Neale (M50-54) in 24.16 for 29th and 3rd, and Rachel Welch (F40-44) in 28.05 for 52nd and 3rd.

Meanwhile, in sunnier climes, Beach Runner Robbie Britton ran 2.29.31 for the Valencia Marathon, his first sub-2.30 and the fastest by some way that an NNBR vest has covered the distance, the superior aerodynamics of the svelte new design achieved by club kit manager, Peter Eaton, having, he said, played a significant part.

Author: John Worrall



Photocredit: Nathan Bayle.

Five North Norfolk Beach Runners were among 566 who ran the Snetterton Half Marathon at the eponymous race track on Sunday. In fine and dry conditions, all five opted for super soft compounds and a no-stop strategy and spread themselves evenly down the field.

In a race won by Ben Spratling of City of Norwich AC in 1.12.15, Beach Runner Neil Adams (M40-49) claimed 8th overall and 2nd in category with 1.38.26 while Alex Curtis (Male Senior) ran 1.38.26 for 99th overall and 49th in category. Next in the NNBR order of things was Miles Wiggington (M 40-49) in 1.51,03 for 231st and 70th, followed by Richard West (M 40-49) in 2.10.46 for 406th and 158th . Libby Ashton (F Senior) kept an eye on the chaps from astern with 2.14.50 for 438th and 76th out of 117 in category.

Meanwhile down south, in fact a long way south, Nathan Bayle (M 20-29) ran the wonderfully scenic Queenstown marathon in New Zealand in 3.48.23 which made him 253rd out of 2150 finishers, 63rd in category and officially a PB (Pommie Bastard). From the photograph, it seems to have been a hair-raising experience.

Going longer again but closer to home, Beach Runners Vinnie Purdy and Colin Stark ran the Marriott’s Way Ultra, 37.4 miles from Norwich to Reepham and back, finishing together in 5.28.54 for joint 3rd, although Vinnie in particular admitted to blowing hard all the way on the return leg. Trains used to have the same problem on that line. But in his case, it was part of his preparation for the Great Union Canal Race at Whitsun, involving 145 miles along the canal from Birmingham to London without a narrowboat, running as he will be mostly on the bank because it is of course a bank holiday.

Author: John Worrall

Fourteen North Norfolk Beach Runners were among 273 who finished the Broadland Half Marathon, organised by Norwich Road Runners on Sunday 4th November. The race, on a course through autumn leafiness south of the River Bure with three water stations and Woodfordes Brewery, was won by Joe Skipper (M Senior) in an impressive 1.13.03, more than three minutes in front of second placed Dominic Blake (M40-44) in 1.16.18.

But Beach Runner Darren Neale (M40-44) was 8th in 1.21.55 for 3rd in category, while the first lady Beach Runner home, Beck Maun (F 45-49), ran 1.39.37 for 64th overall and 2nd in category. Another notable performer was the always notable Derek Sadler (M60-64) in 1.46.00 for 96th overall and 2nd in category.

Meanwhile, down in Suffolk, at the Endurancelife CTC Suffolk marathon, more notable again was Beach Runner Charlotte Neale (FO) who was first female home and a hugely impressive third overall in an even more impressive course record of 3.30.15.

And then closer to home, on 28th October, five Beach Runners were among 569 at the Trowse 10k organised by City of Norwich Athletic Club on a course centred around Whitlingham Broad where two senior Beach Runners demonstrated yet again that old Beach Runners never die, they just lose their pebbles. In a race won by CONAC’s Ben Spratling (M Senior) in 31.44, the first Beach Runner was Gary Linder (M 60-64) for 141st and 5th in category, while septuagenarian Sam Weller, officially the fastest 70-year-old in the county, as evidenced at Run Norwich 10k back in the summer, but at Trowse categorised as 65+, clocked 46.53 for 148th but 2nd in category, beaten by a younger man.

Letting those old men – but not just any old men – go first were three lady Beach Runners, (all F 15-39): Kathryn Head in 50.26 for 234th ; Libby Ashton, 58.35 for 425th and Vicky Hampson, 58.40 for 427th

Author, John Worrall


Fifteen North Norfolk Beach Runners were among the 3500 or so who got their motors running for the Perkins Engines Great Eastern Run on Sunday on one of the wetter days of this autumn so far. And there was a bit of Mister and Missus about their endeavours, because kicking up spray at the front of the NNBR pack were Mr Darren Neale (M40) who ran 1.18.50 for 89th overall and 11th in category and Missus Charlotte Neale (F Sen) in 1.24.18 for 159th and 13th. Somewhere between them in the NNBR order of things, but in no way disrupting domestic bliss, was Chris Parker (M Sen) in 1.21.44 for 123rd and 85th.

A mention in dispatches goes to Darren Armstrong (M40) who also flew the flag for the older male with a time of 1.25.43 for 190th and 28th.

Equally rained upon were the three Beach Runners who finished the Leicester marathon along with 566 others, first home among whom was Vinnie Purdy (M40) in 3:10:45 for 28th overall and 10th out of 121 in category, Tony Money, also M40, ran 3:39:32 for 117th and 33rd in category, while the third of the triumvirate was Andy Mclaren (M V50) clocked 3:48:09 for 164th overall and 26th out of 81 in category

Meanwhile, a further straggler from last week’s NNBR diaspora, which saw members competing in races near and far, was Emily Haughan (F35) who ran the Yorkshire marathon at York in 3.51.00 for 1212th position overall out of 4234 and 27th in category.

But going large this week was ultra-woman Maria Greaves who ran the Autumn 100, a 100-mile course in four 25-mile out-and-back spurs radiating from the villages of Goring and Streatley in the Thames Valley. Completing the whole thing in 24 hours, 40 minutes, she said “Everything that could go wrong did go wrong”, but even finishing would be success for most people. Indeed, some could still be out there because no results were available at the time of going to press.

Author: John Worrall


North Norfolk Beach Runners were scattered to several points of the compass at the weekend.

Closest to home were the Magnificent Seven who tackled the Marriott’s Way 10k between Aylsham and Reepham, the most magnificent among whom was SuperSeventy Sam Weller. Competing in the M60+ category despite his advancing years – and because yet again that was the highest age category – he was the first Beach Runner home, running 46.28 for 27th out of 404 finishers and 3rd in category, having probably conceded a few years to the two in front of him.

Following on came Lisa Stickells (FO) in 51.51 for 140th and 10th in category out of 102; Helen Hagon, (F55-59) in 53.07, 157th  and 2nd out of 13; Richard West (M45-49), in 55.47, 207th and  26th; Heather Morton (F50-54), 59.20, 280th and 6th; Linda Melton, (F55-59), 1.02.16 for 315th and 9th; and Karen West (F55-59), 1.06.28 for 351st and 11th.

Out east, at the Lowestoft Half Marathon, Fish Sadler (V55) grabbed 32nd place out of 411 finishers and 2nd in category with a time of 1.30.31. Two other Beach Runners were there,   Becky Garratt (V40 W) running 1.53.10 for 158th and 5th; and Deborah Gillespie (V50 W) in 2.25.45 for 367th and 10th.

Down south in Carrot Cruncher country, four Beach Runners were seen running the Flower of Suffolk Marathon from Walberswick which took in such Cruncher eccentricities as trotting Dunwich Greyfriars Priory, dodging coastal erosion and negotiating the seasonal deer rut on Dunwich Heath.  No results had been seen at the time of going to press but neither had Anita Bullen, Chris Gibbons, Kirk Price and Colin Stark. Nuff said.

Meanwhile well out west, Beck Maun (F45-49) ran the Oxford Half Marathon  along with around 8500 others and posted a pb of 1.39.32 for 1372nd overall but 8th out of several hundred in category.  And even further out west, Neil Adams (V40) did the Plymouth 10k in 36.08 for 14th out of 1298 and 2nd in category.

But this week’s award for farthest flung Beach Runner goes to Nathan Bayle (M16-39) who ran the Aroraki-Mount Cook 21km on South Island, New Zealand in 1.36.21 for 27th out of 226 runners and 20th in category. But then he’s been kicking around down there for a while and is just showing off, really.


Author: John Worrall


Sixteen North Norfolk Beach Runners were among the 299 who had fun on the Bure Valley 10 Mile around the still leafy lanes north of Banningham and east of the A140 on Sunday.

The race, organised by Bure Valley Harriers on a scenic and convoluted route through bow-and-arrer country where traffic rarely ventures, was won by Kevin Holland (M40-44) of Wymondham AC in 55.28.4, but two Beach Runners were in the top 10 – Chris Merrylees (M40-44) in 7th with a time of 59.42 for 3rd in category, followed by Neil Adams (M40-44) in 59.53 for 8th and 4th.  Darren Armstrong (M40-44) was also in the mix with 1.04.28 for 24th and 10th.  And as the race winner and runner-up were also M40-44s but can only get one prize each, Chris M got the vet’s prize with Neil A second, the two of them with Darren A getting the vets’ team prize. It’s good to keep the old boys happy.

First lady Beach Runner was Charlotte Neale (FO) in 1.04.41 for 25th overall and 3rd in category, while Super Seventy Sam Weller (M65+) who claimed never to have previously run that far, finished in 1.18.03 for 101st and 2nd .

Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse on the previous Thursday, NNBR was able to present another cheque, this one for £2,115.18, to George Burroughs of the Stroke Association, that amount being the fund raising proceeds of this year’s Chase the Train race which NNBR organises in May. It brings the Club’s total amount raised for the Association this year to £6565.18 which will be further enhanced with donations from the Holt 10k on October 21st.


photocredit Clive Hedges.



Author John Worrall


It was a rain-lashed Coltishall runway which hosted 503 runners for the Jolly Jaguars 10k organised  by Coltishall Jaguars on Sunday but it wasn’t too wet for some flying North Norfolk Beach Runner performances when a dozen of them got their flaps down and tails up.

In a race won by Kevin Holland (M 40-44) of Wymondham AC with a time of 32.50, the first Beach Runner home was Darren Armstrong (M 40-44) in 12th position overall and second in category with a time of 38.43. Following on came Beck Maun (F 45-49) in 43.57 for 94th but 3rd in category, after whom came Super Seventy and increasingly usual suspect Sam Weller (M70-74) in 44.35 in 110th and 1st in category.

Finishing order thereafter in the NNBR pack was: Karl Harper (M45-49), 50.26, 206th and 23rd; Alison Lowe (F18-34) 50.28, 207th and 10th; Sophie Saunders (F18-34) 51.10, 222nd and 14th; Vicky Last (F18-34) 52.35, 243rd and 16th; Richard West (M45-49) 54.56, 292nd and 32nd; Vicky Hampson (F18-34) 59.59, 371st and 40th; Karen West (F55-59) 1.06.14, 45st and 6th;  Super Seventy Liz Letzer (F70+) 1.06.52. 457th and 1st; and Super Seventy Robin Rush (M75+) 1.09.44, 475th and 1st.

Meanwhile, at the Norfolk Coastal Half and Full Marathons, Gemma Woolrych (F45-49) ran the half in 2.09.52 for second in category while Sue Ilsley (F55-59) got third in category for her 2.12.45. In the full, ultra runner Hazel Wray (F50-54) enjoyed a gentle training jog in 4.57.36, but special mention goes to Nancy Crow (F45-49) who completed her first marathon in 5.58.18 which included an entirely intentional solo side track through Holkham dunes to admire the view. North Norfolk’s like that.

Author: John Worrall


The big event of the East Anglian club running season, the Timberwolf Round Norfolk Relay, took place over the weekend.

This 198-mile course is run clockwise around the county in 17 stages varying from 5.49 to 19.68 miles, starting and finishing in King’s Lynn. First stage runners set off from 5.30 am onwards on Saturday, depending on their team’s predicted course time, the theory being that all teams would finish by 10.00am on Sunday.

It is a huge logistical exercise, each runner needing an accompanying cyclist during the day and accompanying vehicle at night, together with transport to and from the start and finish of each stage. There is then marshalling, provided by various Norfolk clubs at each of the changeover points where lashings of cake are available, more particularly at the changeovers marshalled by North Norfolk Beach Runners at Cromer and Mundesley where, at the latter, Sue Simms and the increasingly famous Mundesley Cake Ladies excelled yet again.

The 60 participating teams included some from Greater London, the Home Counties and East Midlands, as well as East Anglia from where NNBR entered two teams.

The fastest time, 20.43.22, was set by City of Norwich Athletics Club, followed by Ely Runners with 20.53.57, but not far behind was NNBR’s A team in 22.06.49 for third overall and second fastest Norfolk club.

Stand-out NNBR individual performances included three stage winners: Charlotte Neale running 1.19.28 on the 10.81 miles stage 5 from Cley to Cromer taking in Beeston Bump; Finlay Swanson, who only recently joined the senior ranks and still runs in short trousers, posting 54.44 over the cake-fuelled 9.24 mile stage 7 from Mundesley to Lessingham, and the star turn and British international Robbie Britten running 1.57.52 over the 19.67 mile night time stage 12 from Scole to Thetford.

All concerned had a slow day on Monday.


Author: John Worrall


Eight North Norfolk Beach Runners headed west to the edge of the Fens for the Wissey Half Marathon on Sunday 2nd September and spread themselves fairly evenly among the 255 finishers.

On a warm sunny day, the first Beach Runner home home was ultra man and member of the 100 marathon club, Vinnie Purdy (M40-44) in 1.25.57 for 14th place but first in category. He was followed by a triumvirate of M60+ Beach Runners: Adrian Dyde  in 1.46.30 for 99th overall but 8th out of 20 in category; Derek Sadler in 1.48.32 for 113th overall and 9th, and Jim Hayes, a SuperSeventy-plus-a-few showing the younger lads  how it’s done with 1.51.33 for 128th and 10th. Hopefully all races will soon have categorisations which acknowledge that people are running well in their eighth decade.

Completing the NNBR contingent were: Keith Phillips (M50-54) in 2.09.41 for 196th and 19th; Nicky Phillips (F50-54) in 2.12.26 for 201st and 7th; Nancy Crow (F45-49) in 2.36.53  for 250thand 18th; and Karen Stubberfield (F50-54) in 3.12.19 for 254th and 14th.

Meanwhile, down on the farm the weekend before, Fish Sadler (M55) went to the East Farm Frolic marathon near Blandford Forum in Dorset and over eight laps of agricultural terrain clocked 3.54.54 for 6th overall out of 128 starters and 1st in category. He also put in the 3rd fastest lap with 25.52.

And then,  on a higher plane again, Colin Stark took part in the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc which involves running up Mont Blanc. He covered 170.1km (105 miles) in 36.20.19 and temperatures down to -10C but at the time of going to press, his finishing position out of 2561 starters wasn’t known because some were still out there. A bit like training nights at Roman Camp, really.

Fish Farm – Fish Sadler down on the farm in Dorset. (Photocredit F Sadler.)

Carnival Fun Run Results

Position Name Time From/Club  1 Lap M/F Age
1 Billy Eccles 9.29 Norfolk Gazelles 1 M 10 1st Male 1 Lap
2 Ellis Watts 9.49 Kettering 1 M 11
3 Jonah Life 9.54 NN Harriers 1 M 8
4 Holly Lathwell 9.58 Luton AC 1 F 12 1st Female 1 Lap
5 Esme Jonas 10.01 East Runton 1 F 11
6 Eva Eccles 10.14 Norfolk Gazelles 1 F 9
7 Roni Meehan 10.32 Nottingham 1 M 10
8 Toby Neale 10.42 NN Harriers 1 M 9
9 Leon Waldron 10.53 Cromer 1 M
10 Nathan Johnson 10.55 Cambridge 1 M
11 Georgia England 11.01 Cambridge 1 F 15
12 Hetty Life 11.12 NN Harriers 1 F 12
13 Sam Westmoreland 11.16 Coltishall Jaguars 1 M 9
14 Bear Kearon 11.16 London 1 M 13
15 Jessica Cabibbo 11.16 London 1 F
16 Luke Smedley 11.51 Nuneaton 1 M 11
17 Jordan White 12.04 Sheffield 1 M
18 James Allsop 12.05 Cromer 1 M 9
19 Claire Bamber 12.06 Brambles 1 F
20 Linda Isjomina 12.14 Cromer 1 F
21 Jodi Meehan 12.20 Nottingham 1 F
22 Kitty Ord 12.33 Watford 1 F 10
23 Samuel Smedley 12.35 Nuneaton 1 M 8
24 Sam Blackstone 12.37 York 1 M
25 Kate Kopellman 12.38 Cromer 1 F
26 Emma Blackstone 12.41 York 1 F
27 Katie Gamman 12.44 Reigate 1 F 8
28 Oliver Burton 12.54 Squirrels RC 1 M 8
29 Evan Neale 12.55 NNBR 1 M 7
30 Charlotte Neale 12.56 NNBR 1 F
31 Daniel Church 12.58 Stowmarket 1 M 10
32 Imogen Sharp 13.01 Sheringham 1 F 8
33 Mitchell Brown 13.02 Dorset 1 M
34 Arthur Wood 13.17 Tokyo 1 M 6
35 Grace Bamford 13.17 Leigh on Sea 1 F
36 Harry Page 13.28 Leicester 1 M 8
37 Harry Rickard 13.29 Peterborough 1 M 7
38 Erin Hill 13.37 Wolverhampton 1 F 9
39 Alex Hill 13.37 Wolverhampton 1 M
40 Lucy Brown 13.42 Dorset 1 F 11
41 Elisha Keep 13.44 Cambridge 1 F
42 Tom Jonas 13.46 East Runton 1 M 7
43 Mandy Jonas 13.46 East Runton 1 F
44 Lexie Johns 13.49 Aylsham 1 F 8
45 Andy Johns 13.50 Aylsham 1 M
46 Harry Johns 13.50 Sydney 1 M
47 Connor Rickard 13.57 Peterborough 1 M 10
48 Robert Bacon 14.06 CONAC 1 M
49 Florence Bacon 14.06 CONAC 1 F 8
50 Ian Martin 14.06 Norwich 1 M
51 Elizabeth Gamman 14.06 Reigate 1 F 10
52 Alfie Stapley 14.09 Peterborough 1 M 8
53 Lucie Gamman 14.10 Reigate 1 F
54 Neil Rickard 14.12 Peterborough 1 M
55 Jack Church 14.15 Stowmarket 1 M 8
56 Charlie Griggs 14.15 Sheringham 1 M 8
57 Simon Church 14.17 Stowmarket 1 M
58 Jake Greatbatch 14.21 Aylsham 1 M
59 Ben Greatbatch 14.22 Aylsham 1 M
60 Jasmine Hume 14.26 Cromer 1 F 16
61 Robyn Millard 14.26 Sheringham 1 F 17
62 Isla Greig 14.34 Leicester 1 F 10
63 Isla Pepper 14.34 Derbyshire 1 F 13
64 Danny Richardson 14.53 Bedfordshire 1 M 11
65 William Carrington 15.20 Peterborough 1 M 27
66 Angel Braid 15.29 Selby 1 F 10
67 Ellie James 15.30 Coventry 1 F 9
68 Mark Roughton 15.30 Coventry 1 M
69 Maisie Hemerton 15.31 York 1 F
70 Jack Fisher 15.32 York 1 M
71 Isla Gant 15.37 Stevenage 1 F 8
72 Emily Smedley 16.03 Nuneaton 1 F 14
73 Ben Riley 16.05 Squirrels RC 1 M 11
74 Violet Hemerton 16.19 York 1 F
75 Andrew Ball 16.26 Luton AC 1 M 8
76 Kerry Eaglen 16.29 Norwich 1 F
77 Nicky Pinto 16.33 Cromer 1 F
78 Charlie Anderson 16.37 Wetherby 1 M 5
79 Emma Anderson 16.37 Wetherby 1 F
80 Peter Brecknock 16.54 Wetherby 1 M
81 Matilda Anderson 16.54 Wetherby 1 F 3
82 Tina Brecknock 16.54 Wetherby 1 F
83 Zara Gant 17.00 Stevenage 1 F 5
84 Dom Gant 17.02 Stevenage 1 M
85 Molly Page 17.18 Leicester 1 F 12
86 Abigail Lea 17.37 Squirrels RC 1 F 11
87 Danny Greatbatch 17.54 Luton AC 1 M 11
88 Riley Blackford 18.00 Bury St Edmunds 1 M 8
89 Evie Blackford 18.03 Bury St Edmunds 1 F 10
90 Kai Edney 18.24 Bury St Edmunds 1 M 10
91 Martin Blackford 18.26 Bury St Edmunds 1 M
92 Lucas Kotylo 18.39 Sheffield 1 M 5
93 Ania Kotylo 18.39 Sheffield 1 F 8
94 Krys Kotylo 18.40 Sheffield 1 M
95 William Burton 18.43 Squirrels RC 1 M 5
96 Ruth Burton 18.55 Squirrels RC 1 F
97 Emily Ball 19.26 Luton 1 F 4
98 Kathryn Ball 19.26 Luton 1 F
99 Jesse Gant 22.10 Stevenage 1 M 3
100 Adam Gant 22.10 Stevenage 1 M
Position Name Time From/Club 2 Lap M/F Age
1 Harry Brodie 17.03 Bedford 2 M 1st Male 2 Lap
2 Finlay Swanson 17.20 NNBR 2 M
3 Jeya Candola 17.25 CONAC 2 M 13
4 Billy Life 17.42 NN Harriers 2 M 14
5 Joshua Keeble 17.42 NN Harriers 2 M 14
6 Innes O’Malley 17.59 NN Harriers 2 M 13
7 Henry Jonas 18.03 East Runton 2 M 13
8 Will Bamber 18.12 Brambles 2 M
9 George Barber 18.34 Sheffield 2 M 17
10 Andrew Flanagan 18.50 Fitstuff 2 M
11 Christine Lathwell 19.01 Stopsley Striders 2 F 1st Female 2 Lap
12 Henry Durand 19.17 NN Harriers 2 M
13 Chris Brodie 19.20 Bedford & County 2 M 13
14 Madeline Bacon 19.44 CONAC 2 F 13
15 Dan Cannon 19.46 London 2 M
16 Nigel Pears 20.01 Horsley Shufflers 2 M
17 Simon Nicholson 20.13 Potters Bar 2 M
18 Kevin Jonas 20.38 East Runton 2 M
19 Chris Chorley 20.41 Dune Runner 2 M
20 Jack England 20.57 Newmarket 2 M
21 Lucy Baker 21.01 Cromer 2 F
22 Fish Sadler 21.10 NNBR 2 M
23 Oliver Carpenter 21.19 Sheringham 2 M 13
24 Darrell Harris 21.34 Sheffield 2 M
25 Harry Stone 21.39 Northampton 2 M
26 Andy Salmon 21.48 Manchester 2 M
27 Matt Stone 21.54 Northampton 2 M
28 Tom Kopelman 21.57 London 2 M
29 Adrian Carpenter 22.00 Sheringham 2 M
30 Steve Higgs 22.07 Holt 2 M
31 Max Westmoreland 22.25 Coltishall Jaguars 2 M 12
32 Mary Manning 22.35 Fitstuff 2 F
33 Gavin Blackstone 22.49 York 2 M
34 Chris Wade 23.03 Cromer 2 M
35 Daniel Mead 23.05 Stockholm 2 M
36 Becky Westmoreland 23.20 Coltishall Jaguars 2 F
37 Harvey Gray 23.37 Kings Lynn 2 M 14
38 Richard Greig 24.08 Leicester 2 M
39 Jim Withers 24.18 Newmarket 2 M
40 Matthew Smedley 24.25 Nuneaton 2 M
41 Peter Kopelman 24.29 London 2 M
42 Paul Rhymes 24.30 Cromer 2 M
43 Peter Ord 24.37 Watford 2 M
44 Owen Greig 24.45 Leicester 2 M 15
45 Bobby Sauerzapf 24.47 Dune Runner 2 F
46 David Hicks 24.56 Bury Pacers 2 M
47 Victoria Chester 24.57 Horley Harriers 2 F
48 Victoria Bacon 24.58 Norwich 2 F
49 Madeline Brodie 25.00 Bedford & County 2 F
50 Amy McDanell 25.18 London 2 F
51 Elliott Blackstone 25.26 York 2 M
52 Simon Kimmins 25.32 Chesterfield 2 M
53 Michael Francis 25.34 Cambridge 2 M
54 Matthew Blackstone 25.47 York 2 M
55 Jed Pepper 25.53 Derbyshire 2 M 13
56 Hadley Connor 26.00 Cromer 2 M
57 Harry Nobbs 26.10 Cromer 2 M
58 Phil Burton 26.12 Squirrels RC 2 M
59 Dennis Mortimer 26.54 Potters Bar 2 M
60 Esme Salmon 26.55 Manchester 2 F
61 Julian Fisher 27.00 York 2 M
62 Lindsay Robertson 27.02 Potters Bar 2 F
63 Jo Riley 27.18 Squirrels RC 2 F
64 Vicky Tovell 27.23 Coltishall Jaguars 2 F
65 Stewart Life 27.23 Coltishall Jaguars 2 M
66 Jane Lea 27.32 Squirrels RC 2 F
67 Jodie Rhymes 28.02 Cromer 2 F
68 Haley Griggs 28.18 NNBR 2 F
69 Nicola Knight 29.26 Peterborough 2 F
70 Rosie Murray 30.18 Coltishall Jaguars 2 F 13
71 Barry Richardson 35.27 Bedfordshire 2 M
72 Michael O’Connor 35.38 NNBR 2 M