Beginner’s Information

Beginner’s Information-

Here are a few helpful links, which are aimed at getting you going. If you are just starting out or returning to running, we are happy to help point you in the right direction. Below are a few helpful links. If the information you’re looking for is not there, you can’t go too wrong with Runners World.

There are literally 100’s of links and tips from Runners World. This link is an overview of what’s what when starting out.

Ideas on how to get started-

Where to go locally to get the right trainers for you-

A bit of stretching maybe-

Runners World on Shin Splints- Could be a number of issues! If your having problems, seek professional help.

Running in the community. Parkrun is for all! Sign up and see you out there. Also Strava is great motivational tool to help share your runs with others.

If you have invested in a gps device then have a look at Strava. A little extra motivation.

Release those muscles with Sheringham based Sports Massage- Text or Call Andy- 07795608815 to make appointments.


If you have questions you could also post on the NNBR Facebook page!