Beach Runners Go Long!

North Norfolk Beach Runner, Carmine De Grandis, took part in the inaugural 185 mile King Offa’ Dyke Race run along the Welsh border country between September 23rd -27th. He finished in 22nd place out 73 starters and 44 finishers in a time of 85 hours 37 minutes, with over 9000m of climbs, several refuelling stops and about seven hours sleep on the way.

“When the inaugural event was announced, I could not resist entering because it would be 80 miles longer than anything I have done before” he said. “Despite being injured since June and having completed very little training I decided to give it my best shot.”

The race, which started at night, had to be completed within four nights and four days and in good Welsh style, the weather “varied from drizzle to wet, to very wet with a little sunshine every now and then”. To ensure that he finished during the morning of the 4th day, he climbed and descended the Clwdian hills in the northern section at night, by that time with “blisters bigger than my feet”, to reaching the finish on Prestatyn seafront.

“The best part was that people kept laughing at the fact that there aren’t any hills in Norfolk to train for this! But Beeston Bump is almost a hill if you run up and down it three times.”


Carmine is welcomed at the finish by Richard Weremiuk race director and founder, of Beyond Marathon. Picture credit: Clive Hevey.

Indeed. And that’s what you call a long weekend. But it seems to be contagious because fellow Beach Runners Andy Kett and Hazel Wray along with Chris Spooner are now attempting the Autumn 100, a Thames Valley 100 mile race on 15th/16th October. Chris is raising money towards an electric wheelchair for her niece, Lily Rose. You can donate at Chris’s crowdfunding page at