North Norfolk Beach Runners fielded a scattering of marathon runners over the weekend, starting with a few out west on the fen edge for the inaugural Peterborough.

Out of 177 finishers, Andy Mclaren (M 50-54) gained 56th place and 5th out of 18 in category with 3.50.06, while Vicky Hampson (F senior) in her first marathon ran 4.26.25 for 127th and 10th out of 15, accompanied by Matt Smith (M 45-49) whose un-chivalrous finishing burst made him half a second faster for 126th and 25th out of 31. Quickest Beach Runner on the day was Tony Money (M 45-49) in 3.39.56 for 39th and 8th .

Libby Ashton (F 35-39) went further, but ran half the distance, in the Rutland Spring Half Marathon, finishing in 2.28.23 for 665th and 56th in category.

Another covey of Beach Runners fled the lazy east wind and took to the south coast for the Brighton marathon along with 16646 others. In finishing order, they were: Karl Harper (M 45-49) in 3.46.02 for 1885th overall and 233rd out of 1602 in category, and having clocked 4.55.00 at his first crack at this course two years ago, the boy shows promise, as even more so does Sarah Keeble (F 40-44) who, in her first Brighton, clocked 3.53.00 for 2392nd and 52nd out of 1053. Mearl Brown (M 45-49) followed on in 4.24.33 for 4846th and 557th out of 1502, with Kirk Price (M 18-39) in 4.35.46 for 5697th and 2317th out of 5478. New Beach Runner Leigh West (M 18-39) in 5.00.53 for 7460th and 2778th out of 5478.

But then further south again and some way east, Fish Sadler (M 55-59) sought out a Grecian spring by running the Rhodes marathon in 3.24.57 for 19th out of 165 overall. There were no age categories in the results, almost certainly in recognition of the agelessness of the aforementioned Fish.

Author: John Worrall