Club Standards

North Norfolk Beach Runners
Club Standards – Award Scheme


Runner who would be of a national standard and expect to finish in the top three of their class in races.

Exceptional standard of runner, may well be the highest the average club runner can expect to obtain.

A good standard that many will be aiming to achieve.

The runner who is making good progress past the early days of running.

The first step on the ladder.


5km, 5 mile, 10km, 10 mile, Half Marathon, 15 Mile, 20 Mile and Marathon.

A qualifying race must be an official event (Note: club Handicap races and Parkruns do count).

Training runs do not count, neither do race splits (therefore achieving a standard for a half marathon whilst running a marathon would not be counted).


An award will be given once a runner achieves 4 of the times given in the standard tables from the 8 distances.

Only one standard category (eg: Silver) can be achieved by a runner during the 5 year age bands, you could not receive the same award category for four different races. However a runner can achieve different award categories (eg a Copper and a Silver) during the 5 year age bands providing they are of a higher standard.

The age bands will begin on the runner’s birthday.

When a runner achieves a particular distance category which are recognized annually by a certificate, this will remain valid for the whole of the 5 year age band, therefore a runner need only achieve the qualifying time for a distance once during this period.

If you achieve three bronze standard times and one copper standard time in your races you would receive the copper award.

Runners who achieve a standard should apply to the standards secretary, giving the race venues, distances, dates and the official time (which can be independently verified) for all 4 qualifying races.

A certificate will be given to each member for each category achieved, and the awards achieved that month will be printed in the club newsletter

An award claim can only be made for the current age band, and not back dated for a previous age band.

If there is any dispute this will be brought up at the next committee meeting where the Committee’s decision will be final.

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Standards secretary is Vinnie Purdy –