Ekiden Relay

WHAT HAS 24 legs…… and a combined age north of 840?

Why, two squads of NNBR Ekiden SuperSeventies of course – that’s EKIDEN, the marathon-length relay run in six uneven legs, which happens to match SuperSeventies legs, although that wasn’t the original notion.

The original notion is actually Japanese, and of ancient origin, ancient enough indeed to have spawned the nomenclature Nippon – as in “Get a nippon and get a pb”.

Interestingly, in the oriental vein, NNBR SuperSeventy Mike Marshall reports receiving unsolicited team entries to a supposed warm-up event, the Youth-in-Asia meeting. But SuperSeventies’ Infinitely More Youthful Sporting Director suspects Cambridge Analytica and, uneasy at the subliminal, has opted instead for Youth-in-Asda because it’s closer and the trolleys will come in handy when they’re tired.

Preparations are going well, with wrinkles getting ironed out or botoxed, and both squads are approaching peak condition, with at least one member already in pique condition because his Harriers membership renewal has been rejected yet again.

And IMYSDire can announce that NNBR SuperSeventies are this year going fully modern, with the final phasing out of long baggy shorts and hobnails, along with most of those early model Garmin Grandfathers, on which the pendulums were always troublesome and, anyway, there’s enough stuff flapping about already.

So come and support, or even run in one of the apprentice teams – charabanc laid on – and view the sunlit uplands to which you are heading.

Get the date: SUNDAY 15TH JULY

And the place: WOODBRIDGE SCHOOL, Woodbridge IP12 4JH

And be ready to remind any SuperSeventy you see wandering around looking vacant, because they’ve got so much to remember these days and some things get… um….. get……