Group Coaching Collaboration

North Norfolk Beach Runners and TriHarman-Norfolk Triathlon Club are pleased to announce their Group Coaching Collaboration. This collaboration prevents the need for each club to duplicate training sessions or for members wanting to improve their skills in both running and the other triathlon disciplines to join both clubs.

NNBR members wishing to improve their Triathlon skills will have access to all TriHarman-Norfolk group coaching sessions the same as TriHarman members. Similarly TriHarman-Norfolk members will have access to NNBR group training sessions to help improve their running.

Put simply, if Beach Runners want to improve their Triathlon skills they will be made very welcome at TriHarman-Norfolk sessions. If TriHarman members need more help with their running they will be welcomed as guests at Beach Runners group sessions.

You will find details of TriHarman-Norfolk sessions at
Details of the Beach Runners sessions can be found at