Club Handicap – 5 Mile (Alborough)

From/to Aldborough Green, Thursday 20th June.

(Cavortings in the summer – almost – solstice.)

This summer’s frolic with light nosh returns to the bucolic upper reaches of the mighty Scarrow Beck which rises in the Thurgarton Gurgler.

Taking the north-westerly option, with a mix of valley side and High Sierra, the course has been described – well it hadn’t but it has now – as a sock with a toenail up Bessingham church, plus a bit of climb near the start and, because what goes up must come down, a bit of a descent near the finish to add velocity and avoid the Gurgler Suck.

The Sierra tracts are relatively flat and designed for a 5-mile pb, more particularly as the course measures 4.99, but because this is a technical course – all road but in bow-and-arrer country – there is a need for about 18 marshals from about 6.30pm. Volunteers please.

A warm down buffet will be available at the Black Boys pub at a cost of five quid a head, and I need to have numbers and five quid from each by Monday 17th.