North Norfolk Beach Runners went mob-handed to the Norwich Half Marathon at the weekend, 22 of them starting among 1734 who ran the City hinterland lanes in rain and mist.

In a race won by Piers Arnold of CONAC in 1.17.41, four Beach Runners made their category top ten: Neil Adams (M40) in 1.19.42 for 14th overall and 5th out of 137 in category; John Fagan (M45), 1.24.03 for 41st and 4th out of 144; Derek Sadler (M65), 2.09.42 for 1197th and 5th, and Christine Thorne (F65) 2.16.12 for 1310th and 2nd.

Other notable performers included Daryl London (M35) in 1.28.06 for 75th and 11th out of 167; Elizabeth Goodliffe (F40) 01.46.27 for 464th and 14th out of 125; Natalie Drake (F35) 01:49:05 for 548th and 15th out of 111; and Fish Sadler (M55) 681st and 37th out of 68 with 01:53:26.

The Norwich Half might also have seen marathon and ultra man, Vinnie Purdy, putting in a training run, but after a health scare a few weeks ago, he had decided a week before to ease back in with a gentle marathon – his 140th – at the Daffodil Dawdle from Stradbroke in Suffolk. His positively dawdling – by his standards – five hours nine minutes was just quicker than Chris Gibbons riding shotgun in five hours eighteen.

Meanwhile, oop north, seven Beach Runners were among nearly 14,000 who started the Manchester marathon with none among the 400-odd who didn’t finish.

Two cracked four hours: Emily Haughan (V40) in 3.43.10 for 3739th overall and 116th out of 588 in category, and Euan Prasser, (MV45) in an impressive 3.15.56 for 2234th and 235th out of 1360.

But the star of the show – indeed the weekend – and not for the first time this year, was Charlotte Neale who cracked three hours with a truly outstanding 2.56.16 for 589th overall and 8th out of 1413 in category.

Author: John Worrall