North Norfolk Beach Runners have been busy over the past week in which, out of four races, they had two overall winners and, in one event, no less than five category winners.

The big clutch of gongs came at Coltishall Jaguars’ Sundowner 5k on Wednesday where, in a field of 511 including 26 Beach Runners, the first among the firsts and overall race winner, despite his advancing years, was usual suspect Neil Adams (M  40-44) in 16.50. Not far behind, in 14th place but 1st in category, was Tony Witmond (M 50-54) in 18.32.

Next among the category firsts and fresh from setting a record at Run Norwich last week, was new-kid-on-the-seniority-block, Sam Weller (M 70-74) in 22.08, followed in the NNBR scheme of things by Karen Balcombe (F55-59) in 22.15 for 123rd and again 1st in category.

The last of the firsts was Liz Letzer (F 70+) in 33.58, but there were category podiums also for Louise Pegg (F50-54) in 22.42 for 2nd; Caroline Dickens, (F35-39) in 21.30 for 3rd and Rachel Robson (F 55-59) 25.26 also for 3rd.

Meanwhile at the Reepham 10k on Friday, where NNBR fielded 18 runners among 349 starters, the overall winner was again a Beach Runner, Finlay, Swanson (MO), who only recently joined NNBR senior ranks from North Norfolk Harriers, and ran 35.20. Other notable performances came in the M70+ category where Sam Weller, seemingly getting the hang of this ageing business, ran 46.45 for 75th overall but 1st again in category, followed by Jim Hayes (M70+a few) in 50.24 for 126th and 2nd in category.  Adrian Dyde (M60-69) in 45.16 completed the category gong count with 3rd, which, for those two races, gave NNBR a dozen podiums in total, second only to Russia.

At the Great Yarmouth half marathon by contrast, NNBR had nine runners among 380 finishers, but no-one did much to report about. Do try to keep up, folks.

NNBR did nevertheless have one notable outlier in Beck Maun (F40-49) who opted for the Stour Valley Path 50K and, in a field of 126 finishers, clocked 5.37.16 for a very creditable 23rd overall.


Author: John Worrall