How To Join

If you are interested in joining the North Norfolk Beach Runners, then here’s some useful information for you to consider. We are renowned as being a very friendly Club and offer a trial of three training sessions before we ask you to commit to a membership.

We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.20pm (ready to run at 6.30pm) at Cromer Tennis Club. We offer a number of training groups which are loosely based on the time it takes you to complete a 5km race and are led by qualified coaches. Do not worry if you consider yourself to be a slower runner, sessions are suitable for all abilities and we never leave anyone behind. During the dark winter months, we ask that you wear something reflective (not just bright!) such as a bib.

In the winter months we run on the roads and pavements around Cromer which are open to everyone, so we do ask that you please respect pedestrians and motorists. Whilst that rule applies at all times, we are very privileged that in the lighter evenings we have a number of trail and cliff top runs that we also enjoy adding variety to our training.

If, after the three sessions, you would like to become a member then please click below for our online payment portal. You will be made very welcome as a new member.

Click here to join through our online club shop