NNBR 2016 Awards

5k Handicap
Winner Hattie Hobart
2nd Lyn Mansell
3rd Malcolm Ball
Beach Race
Winner Rick Boyfield
2nd Rod Smith
3rd Ivan Allen
5m Handicap Molly Hobart
Winner Ross Haddow
2nd Kim Balding
10m Handicap
Winner Chris Spooner
2nd Ian Wade
3rd Keith Reardon
10k Handicap
Winner Thoang Marriott
2nd Steve Brown
3rd Kirk Price
7m Handicap
Winner Ian Windley
2nd Nicky Phillips
3rd Graham Cornish
Worstead Handicap
Winner Nicky Phillips
2nd Kerry Nobbs
3rd Wayne Gibbs
Handicap Series 2016 – Overall
1st Nicky Phillips
2nd Derek Sadler
3rd Sarah Morter
Handicap Series 2016 – Age Graded
1st Sam Weller
2nd John Christopher
3rd Neil Adams
Handicap Series 2016 – Fastest Overall
1st John Christopher
2nd Neil Adams
3rd John Gay
NNBR Performance of the Year – Male Chris Parker
NNBR Performance of the Year – Female Chris Spooner
NNBR Most Improved – Male Euan Prasser
NNBR Most Improved – Female Jen Armstrong
NNBR Most Inspiring Runner – The Malcolm Ball Award Malcolm Ball


Wymondham 10km – 02.01.2017

10 Neil Adams 35:28
18 Colin Stark 36:51
37 Chris Merrylees 38:56
38 Vinnie Purdy 38:56
77 Charlotte Neale 41:32
78 Darren Armstrong 41:30
96 Matt Andrews 42:36
156 Sam Weller 45:03
174 Eddie Carman 46:18
194 Rebecca Maun 47:09
216 Jim Hayes 47:40
238 Ian Windley 48:46
331 Tony Gentry 51:23
333 Nicky Phillips 50:09
348 Susan Ilsley 52:50
394 Sarah Mapes 53:11
395 Keith Phillips 53:15
516 Natasha Sumner 59:22
530 Catherine Young 59:59
545 Vicky Hampson 1:01:19
590 Ross Haddow 1:05:31
601 Elizabeth Ashton 1:06:53
609 Amy Thompson 1:07:17
610 Mandy Beresford 1:07:17


Beach Runners make a Splash

Two North Norfolk Beach Runners took part in the first of this winter’s three 10k Horsford cross-country races, a series organised for many years by Norwich Road Runners for club runners and fun runners.

Richard Boyfield finished 4th in the men’s 50-54 category in a time of 71.46 while Carmine de Grandis clocked 49.56 which gave him 1st place in the 45-49 category and indeed beat the winner of the 40-44s by over three minutes.

This 10k race is shorter than Carmine’s usual weekend excursion – he did the inaugural 185 mile King Offa’s Dyke race back in September – but just a touch muddier, with a few water obstacles and tree trunks to be negotiated.

He said the event lived up to expectations. “Superb organisation, fantastic marshals, great company and a chance to go out hard on a very technical course.”

A little too technical, perhaps, because as the photo shows, his puddle avoidance technique needs work.


Remember, Posture Perfection……..

1. Hamstring sweep stretch

2. Hip Flexor stretch – rest foot on opposite knee. Slight squat while pushing on bent knee. This is also good for balance, core and glute engagement and foot and ankle strength.

3. Foot strike walk – Keeping of toes, strike foot down with force. Feet should act like levers, with high force being put through feet. Main purpose is to strengthen bones in feet but balancing on your toes and on one foot while striking also engages core, glutes and lots of other muscles.

4. Marching knee drive – Rolling up onto the toe with one foot while driving the other leg into a 90 degree angle. Arms should go alongside in a running action. Because it is imitating a running action, it gets your brain used to that movement (sorry for lack of technical wording), meaning the right muscles are firing and less chance of injuries (Lots of injuries are caused by glutes not firing properly for example when they run).

5. Marching knee drive with hop – Same as before but with a little hop/skip, just adds more impact.

6. Leg extension swing down – Like the marching drill, but instead of keeping the driving leg bent you swing the leg out and down so you feel a stretch in the hamstring. The progress to this drill was just walking though it, swinging leg through and pulling it down with force – a little like a horse.

7. High knees – aim is doing it quickly up and down, but not along. They shouldn’t be moving forward at a fast pace. Get fast twitch muscles firing, and good one for engaging core.

8. Bum kick through – The weird one with your foot slightly hitting the bum, but bringing leg back through with high knee drive. Same as before, imitating running action. Not looking for over extension at the hip, kicking legs too far up back.

9. Straight leg scissors – These should be quite quick, foot should act like a lever like the foot strike drill.

North Norfolk Beach Runners at Norfolk Cross Country Championships

Four North Norfolk Beach Runners made the metaphorical podium at the Norfolk Cross Country Championships held at Thetford Common on December 4th.

Louise Pegg came second in the Women’s 50-54 category, while Tony Witmond was third in the Men’s 45-49.

Jim Hayes gained third in the over-65s although he would have qualified for the over-70s (over-75s?) category, had there been one, and has stated long and often that race categorisation should keep up with rising longevity.

That sentiment may eventually be shared by star of the team, John Gay, who came first in the 55-59s.

Meanwhile the evergreen and ubiquitous Jim Hayes also turned up at Waveney Valley AC’s 10- mile Turkey Trot just outside Beccles on Sunday 11th where, on a chilly day of hazy sunshine – almost perfect running conditions – he finished in 117th place out of 375 finishers in a time of 77.26 but, more particularly, 1st in the over-65s. One other Beach Runner took part, Ed Rawlings, who finished 52nd in 67.45, but he’s nowhere near as old



Brenda Kinch, 71, of North Norfolk Beach Runners has just returned from the World Masters Athletics Championship in Perth, Australia with a silver medal in the marathon, 70 to 74 age category.

The World Masters Athletics is equivalent to the Olympics for athletes from 35 to 100 competing in 5 year age categories. This year there were 4,034 competitors from 92 different countries. There were even some athletes competing in the 96 to 99 age group in stadium events.

The marathon, which was on the last day of the games, started at 6.00am, to avoid the over 30C heat of the day. The course was a picturesque double loop run along and over the Swan River and included a steep incline bridge which was particularly challenging on the 3rd and 4th laps.

Brenda finished in 4 hrs 46 minutes and 24 seconds to win silver, beaten to the gold by a Norwegian lady. She was delighted with the result, particularly as her training was interrupted by having a pacemaker fitted 10 weeks before the race. Brenda has now added a World Masters medal to her 1st place in the 65 to 69 age category in the London Marathon in 2010, and her Norfolk Female Road Runner of the year both in 2014 and 2015 awards.


Twenty North Norfolk Beach Runners were among 246 finishers in the inaugural Bure Valley 10 Mile race on Sunday 6th November.

The race, run in two laps over a flat course, had personal best potential although torrential rain watered that down a bit. But it was the first race organised by Bure Valley Harriers and drew wide praise for the marshalling and general administration.

Stand-out Beach Runner performers included some usual suspects, Neil Adams finishing fourth in 59 minutes 11 second, a personal best; Colin Stark seventh overall – and first in the 40-45 age group – in 1hr, 1min 7secs and Chris Parker 12th overall in 1hr, 3min, 10 secs.

Meanwhile, on 12th November, a small posse of Beach Runners drove to the Gower peninsular in South Wales to take part in an Endurance Life Trail Series Race which had distance options of 10k, half marathon, marathon and 35-mile ultra. The hilly and muddy trail followed the coastal path before turning inland for the return.

In the 10k, Jenny be Grandis came 147th out of 205 finishers in 1hr, 42min, 14 secs while Chris Merrylees came third out of 466 finishers in the half marathon in 1hr, 46min, 36 sec. In the marathon, Ben Jones came 73rd out of 161 finishers in 5 hrs, 46 mins 50 secs, while two Beach Runners did the 35-mile ultra, Carmine de Grandis taking 31st place out of 132 finishers in 6 hrs, 50 mins 39 seconds, and Colin Stark taking 2nd place in 5hrs 38 mins 22 seconds.