February 2016 Coach Notes

Dear NNBR Crew,

Now the challenge beginners!

With one month of the year done, how’s your start to 2016 been? As I mentioned in my last notes I think January is an easy month to keep your running on track (so to speak) as you ask more of your body and mind. February and March are the most challenging months with the motivation and weather, but a little pre run planning with kit, surface and run direction (wind) you’ll smash it. There is always a time in February/ March where you need to see if you’re on schedule or not. If you’ve been training smart then you might be able to ascertain whether or not you are where you want to be within you plan. You might be behind in your plan due to illness and injury (hopefully not through pure laziness), don’t chase the pace! Try to plan when you want to be back on schedule, which maybe a few weeks later than planned. On the other hand possibly a more dangerous place to be is in much better shape, earlier than planned. For some, peaking to early may lead to a poor performance or injury later on. To achieve whatever you wish to achieve, remember to keep asking yourself questions.

Training Groups- We have always had a guide of separating the 4 groups out based on a 3m time trial. We will now look to base your group on a 5k distance. This is a flat course and not necessarily Sheringham Parkrun! We all tend to understand which group we fit and if anyone is unsure as to which group to run in, please speak to a coach.

As a general rule you should aim to train in the group relative to the time you can run a 5k. There maybe times where you may benefit from running in a slower group than normal due to injuries and recovery.

Group A- 32’ minutes and over

Group B- 26’to 32’Group C- 22’ to 26’

Group D- 22’ and below

Beg- Beginners Sessions


Below is the training plan for 7pm sessions for February. I will be looking to complete a future block in full so you can plan you training better. Please remember to look at the nnbr calendar for training and race dates. You can link this with you Google calendar- http://nnbr.co.uk/members-area/calendar/ Thanks to Dave!


TUES 2nd Hills-Tempo Hills-Tempo  
THUR 4th

Marathon Focus (Endurance)

5-10k focus (Speed)

TUES 9th

Split Session-

50m Relay- X3

5’ @ 5k pace- X3

THUR 11th

Continuous Run Loop


300m Reps B4
TUES 16th Descending Pyramid – 8’6’4’2’1’30’
THUR 18th 200m Reps Continuous Run Loop B5



Indian File Session-

A- Suffield

B- Links Avenue

C- Norwich Rd

D- Runton Rd

THUR 25th Long Out & Back B6

Notes- [#’] =Recovery Time JR=Jog Recovery ‘= minutes ‘’=seconds T= Tempo

TEMPO- the rate or speed of motion or activity; pace. The word and meaning of ‘Tempo’ can be used to explain a pace, dependant on the activity and distance (usually time). The feeling of tempo should be tough, yet controlled. See below, Tempo- http://www.runnersworld.com/workouts/what-is-a-tempo-run SWITCH SESSION- Two groups, half a session with one coach and the other half in a different place and coach.

We only really have time at the club to deal with the ‘running’ aspect of you training so you need to focus on the other bits in and around this. We will look to put on some more mini-workshops soon.Watches Reminder– During the winter we are a little restricted on venues to be able to use a whistle to let you know when to stop and start (Suffer’field). So we would like you to where a watch to training sessions so we can vary the routes if it requires a timed rep. Please don’t be ruled by a watch! Remember to run on feel for your steady/easy runs

Happy Running- If you wish to contact me- coach@nnbr.co.uk. 07717500881



Nutrition Tips For Marathon Runners – Emma Patel

Eat To Compete…………
A good diet filled with the right nutrients is an essential part of any exercise routine, but it’s especially important for endurance events like marathons .If you’re training for a marathon, then what you eat is almost as important as your running. Marathon runners in training need to make sure that they are getting the right nutrients and the right amount of fuel to allow the body to recover and rebuild efficiently.
As a marathon runner your diet doesn’t just affect your performance, it can also affect your recovery from training, your immune system and even your risk of injury.  Make sure that you have a balanced, nutritious diet with enough carbohydrate to support your training and not too much ‘junk’ that provides empty calories without nutrients. Try not to eat too much processed food and always go for wholegrain varieties. Try to choose healthier snacks with low refined sugar content and try avoid trans fats.
Try adding these 5 foods to your diet to support your training
1. Yogurt It’s a great source of calcium, which is important for bone strength if you’re pounding out a lot of miles.  Choose full fat versions as the low fat ones are often loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Greek yogurt is a good choice too as it’s full of protein, which helps with muscle repair and will leave you feeling fuller for longer.
2. Nut butter.  Nut butter makes great fuel for runners. It’s a good source of protein so it keeps you feeling fuller for longer, and contains the anti-oxidant vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6. Yes, it’s high in fat, but it’s packed with good fat (monounsaturated) – we long distance runners need fat to burn as fuel.
3. Oatcakes. Oatcakes make a great healthy snack. They are high in complex carbohydrates, which give you a sustained energy release. Oatcakes with nut butter make a great post training snack as they provide the right combo of carbs and protein for recovery.
4. Vegetables. Try to ensure a wide variety of organic seasonal vegetables are consumed daily bursting in vitamins, minerals and plenty of antioxidants.  This will help you recover between your runs and help you stay healthy boosting your immune function. Make sure you eat a wide variety of veggies each week.
5. Porridge. The food of champions! Porridge is a well-known staple amongst runners. Why? It’s pretty easy to digest and provides complex carbs for sustained energy release.  Try make sure you add healthy toppings like nuts, seeds and fruit to make your breakfast well balanced.

Freethorpe 10 – 31.01.2016

12 Neil Adams 0:59:34
71 Anthony Witmond 1:08:38
77 Phil Hurr 1:09:16
317 Adrian Dyde 1:24:16
330 Robert Osborne 1:25:40
347 Richard Garratt 1:26:28
360 Lesley Winston 1:26:54
361 Andy Parish 1:27:04
388 Sarah Mapes 1:29:00
429 Natasha Sumner 1:33:51
433 Brenda Kinch 1:32:43
446 Noel Spruce 1:33:29
454 Sarah Melton 1:34:20
455 Rob Emery 1:34:20
469 Linda Melton 1:35:36
487 Tina Foster 1:37:33
515 Deborah Gillespie 1:40:51
534 Mike Marshall 1:43:36
564 Fiona Morrison 1:47:40


3 Mile Time Trial – 28.01.2016

1 Edward Rawlings 17:57
2 John Gay 19:10
3 Adam Shawyer 19:18
4 Darren Armstrong 19:21
5 Vinnie Purdy 19:29
6 Eddie Carman 20:26
7 Robert Wells (Guest) 20:50
8 Jason Neale (Guest) 20:50
9 Kevin Parfitt 21:42
10 Gary Linder 21:46
11 Dena Parfitt 22:05
12 Chris Wade (Guest) 23:09
13 Carl Neale 23:10
14 Karen Balcombe 23:15
15 John Stares 23:38
16 Rebecca Maun 23:50
17 Keith Reardon 24:20
18 Matt Harmer 24:28
19 Esther Young 24:30
20 Rachel Robson 24:44
21 Ian Wade 24:48
22 Keith Dickens 25:13
23 Ivan Allen 25:32
24 Alistair Wilkinson 26:09
25 Nicky Phillips 26:19
26 Natasha Sumner 26:30
27 Kerry Smith 26:32
28 Caroline Stacey 27:08
29 Richard West 27:29
30 Jane Summers 28:32
31 Kim Balding 28:38
32 Lucy Newall 29:02
33 Donna Billman 30:43
34 Claire Scott 31:19
35 Sarah Morter (Guest) 31:28
36 John Folkard 31:51
37 Belinda Taylor 32:55
38 Elizabeth Letzer 36:33
39 Sandra Wilkinson 37:05
40 Michelle Gibbons 37:21


Wymondham 10km – 01.01.2016


13 Neil Adams 36.02
20 Darren Neale 36.57
47 Phil Hurr 39.09
53 Michael Sadler 40.04
76 Darren Armstrong 41.33
99 Eddie Carman 42.17
110 Euan Prasser 42.13
114 Stephen Haughton 42.48
150 Christina Walker 44.37
161 Jim Hayes 45.09
189 Hazel Wray 46.09
260 Sam Weller 47.33
298 Derek Sadler 50.01
309 Rhianwen Smee 50.32
348 Robert Osbourne 51.40
353 Kirk Price 52.12
359 Sal Ryder 52.27
406 Noel Spruce 53.48
443 Brenda Kinch 55.37
489 Claire Scott 56.46
492 Paula Gentry 57.45
554 Tina Foster 60.26
555 Mandy Beresford 60.27
574 Vicky Hampson 60.51
647 Chris Wray 70.15