Holt 10km – 23.10.2016

4 Neil Adams 35:34
6 Chris Merrylees 36:05
10 Stephane Lustig 36:53
75 Lisa Oakley 43:21
104 Derek Sadler 45:28
116 Jim Hayes 46:21
122 Steve Brown 46:32
124 Karen Balcombe 46:43
126 Craig Robinson 46:54
127 Maria Greaves 46:57
143 Adrian Dyde 48:03
189 Becky Garratt 50:38
195 Ivan Allen 50:41
219 Sal Ryder 52:32
259 Wayne Challinor 56:03
266 Anita Bullen 56:41
275 Pauline Craske 57:35
276 Ellen Tatam 57:38
277 Noel Spruce 57:22
279 Emma Allright 58:00
283 Debra Lubbock 58:17
284 Brenda Kinch 58:18
296 Mike Marshall 59:46
308 Katherine Wright 01:00:44
327 Kerry Nobbs 01:02:02
335 Sandra Sayer 01:02:25
344 Katie Bacon 01:03:56
345 Rebecca Maun 01:04:16
356 Lisa Simmons 01:07:16
369 Maz Rayner 01:11:25
375 Gary Tartt 02:31:03

Beach Runners do 100

Three North Norfolk Beach Runners, Hazel Wray, Andy Kett and Chris Spooner, were among 300 starters who tackled the Centurion Autumn 100 over the weekend of 15-16th October. This 100-mile race in the Thames Valley was made up of four 25-mile out-and-back spurs centred on Goring-on-Thames; it started at 10am on the Saturday and had to be completed within 28 hours.

Hazel had bad luck, feeling unwell before she started and deciding to pull out after 58 miles, a huge achievement in the circumstances nevertheless. Andy for his part stormed round 16.50.28 to finish sixth overall, but then he does this sort of thing most days before breakfast.

Chris was running to raise money towards an electric wheelchair for her niece, Lily Rose, who has cerebral palsy; the chair will give her more independence when she starts high school.

“I really enjoyed the first 50 miles” says Chris. “I felt good and the scenery was beautiful. The biggest high came at about 38 miles, crossing a field with runners all the way across. Everything felt awesome! “But from 50 miles, it got dark and cold and I got very tired; this section was also hillier than I’d expected. My lowest point was approaching the 75-mile checkpoint; I’d forgotten to drink for about eight miles and I was shivering, walking and had no energy. But my crew and the Centurion support team soon sorted me out with loads of extra layers, chilli and cuppa soup. A cuppa soup has never tasted so good!

“At 6am it started to rain and continued for four hours. The organisers had put a load of steps into the last 25 miles and they seemed to take forever. I finally finished at 12pm on the Sunday.

“But the aid stations were great, like oases in the desert, full of hugely positive people and best of all, hot sweet tea. I struggled to eat ‘proper’ food from quite early on, everything seemed too dry and took a lot of chewing. But Watermelon and pineapple went down very well.

“The whole weekend was an amazing adventure and one that I’ll never forget.”

Neither will Lily Rose. Donations can be made at


North Norfolk Beach Runners do Peterborough

north-norfolk-beach-runners-prior-to-the-perkins-great-east-runNorth Norfolk Beach Runners had 53 starters of all ages among more than 4000 who ran the Perkins Great East Run half marathon at Peterborough at the weekend. Theirs was the second largest club attendance among the many clubs who took part.

In warm conditions, the runners followed a course around the streets of the city with applauding spectators lining the way. Several Beach Runners were running their first half marathon, having come to running fairly recently through the club’s introductory courses or through Park Runs, but the first Beach Runners home were Chris Merrylees (124th place in 1.21.44) and Chris Parker, (125th in 1.21.45), the latter running a personal best. Septuagenarian Mike Marshall who, himself, has been running for only a few years, finished fast to grab 3115th place – and 8th in the 70-79 category – in 2.25.45.

Closer to home, because of the club commitment at Peterborough, only three Beach Runners were among the 330 who ran the Marriott’s Way 10k, although Neil Adams flew the flag by taking first place in 35.55, seven seconds ahead of the second placed runner, and nearly a minute ahead of the third. Sam Weller was first in the Male 60+ group (and 39th overall) in 45.57, more than four minutes ahead of the next in the category. The Beach Runner trio was completed by Ivan Allen who came home in 51.20 for 84th place.

Felbrigg Trail Run – 09.10.2016


12 Louise Pegg 24:59
58 Jenny De Grandis 36:16
69 Karen Stubberfield 41:47


11 John Gay 44:53
24 John Stares 49:45
47 Rachel Robson 58:44
48 Sophie Saunders 59:13
56 Jayne Welfare-Smith 1:01:05
57 Debra Lubbock 1:01:48
74 Amy Worley 1:07:28
79 Claire Wells 1:08:34
86 Lisa Simmons 1:17:18
89 Maz Rayner 1:17:52

Perkins Great Eastern Run (Peterborough Half Marathon) – 09.10.2016

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122 Chris Parker 01:21:45
123 Chris Merrylees 01:21:44
251 Michael Sadler 01:27:17
366 Tony Witmond 01:31:22
369 Euan Prasser 01:31:01
524 Stephen Haughton 01:35:51
566 Darren Armstrong 01:36:42
603 Bill Bailey 01:37:10
677 Adrian Woods 01:38:45
797 Jeremy Boreham 01:41:27
828 Vernon Hoare 01:41:03
884 Steve Brown 01:42:16
957 Henry Woodley 01:44:46
1010 Craig Robinson 01:43:33
1012 Derek Sadler 01:44:19
1022 Karen Balcombe 01:45:16
1181 Ian Smith 01:46:34
1187 Kirk Price 01:46:43
1283 Stephen Roe 01:48:26
1307 Rebecca Maun 01:50:15
1409 Gemma Woolrych 01:48:46
1424 Charlie Ennals 01:50:28
1639 Ian Windley 01:56:11
1714 Andy Parish 01:55:19
1837 Richard Garratt 01:57:18
1980 Becky Garratt 01:57:11
2064 Keith Phillips 01:55:31
2306 Lisa Ward 02:00:02
2355 Natasha Sumner 02:02:31
2360 Lesley Winston 01:59:56
2500 Kirsty Hobart 02:04:05
2578 Caroline Stacey 02:04:54
2646 Nicky Phillips 02:02:26
2667 Rhianwen Smee 02:07:48
2686 Sarah Melton 02:09:21
2758 Linda Melton 02:08:19
2768 Samantha Henry 02:12:14
2805 Keith Reardon 02:10:26
2806 Annette Boreham 02:10:28
2821 Anita Bullen 02:08:02
3073 Zoe Parish 02:13:13
3129 James Bellingham 02:17:19
3176 Mike Marshall 02:15:19
3189 Rick Boyfield 02:13:42
3231 Clemmie Gleeson 02:18:19
3414 Sarah Morter 02:23:32
3472 Shay Boyfield 02:21:27
3522 Claire Scott 02:25:14
3607 Sandra Sayer 02:28:04
3905 Gary Tartt 02:39:35
3906 Amy Thompson 02:37:00
3907 Mandy Beresford 02:37:00
4087 Chris Wray 02:48:08
4115 Sandra Wilkinson 02:50:07
4139 Michelle Gibbons 02:51:59


Beach Runners Go Long!

North Norfolk Beach Runner, Carmine De Grandis, took part in the inaugural 185 mile King Offa’ Dyke Race run along the Welsh border country between September 23rd -27th. He finished in 22nd place out 73 starters and 44 finishers in a time of 85 hours 37 minutes, with over 9000m of climbs, several refuelling stops and about seven hours sleep on the way.

“When the inaugural event was announced, I could not resist entering because it would be 80 miles longer than anything I have done before” he said. “Despite being injured since June and having completed very little training I decided to give it my best shot.”

The race, which started at night, had to be completed within four nights and four days and in good Welsh style, the weather “varied from drizzle to wet, to very wet with a little sunshine every now and then”. To ensure that he finished during the morning of the 4th day, he climbed and descended the Clwdian hills in the northern section at night, by that time with “blisters bigger than my feet”, to reaching the finish on Prestatyn seafront.

“The best part was that people kept laughing at the fact that there aren’t any hills in Norfolk to train for this! But Beeston Bump is almost a hill if you run up and down it three times.”


Carmine is welcomed at the finish by Richard Weremiuk race director and founder, of Beyond Marathon. Picture credit: Clive Hevey.

Indeed. And that’s what you call a long weekend. But it seems to be contagious because fellow Beach Runners Andy Kett and Hazel Wray along with Chris Spooner are now attempting the Autumn 100, a Thames Valley 100 mile race on 15th/16th October. Chris is raising money towards an electric wheelchair for her niece, Lily Rose. You can donate at Chris’s crowdfunding page at http://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/chrisruns100miles